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Bring the Strategies for Success program to your home school, pod or school at a Covid special price!


School is not what it was a year ago as parents and teachers planned for the upcoming school year

A year ago, this program was only offered to schools.


Now it's available to anyone who could use the lessons that empower teens, that help them not only cope but thrive.   


Although created for a classic high school classroom, the lessons are written so anyone could teach it.  The time is perfect for parents who are choosing to home school or form pods of parents to teach their teens.  Of course, it's still available for any school that would like to add this program to their course of studies.

Why do teens need a course like this now when they have so many required courses?

This program was designed to fill in the gaps in traditional education while supporting their success in:

  • academic courses

  • dealing with interpersonal relationships

  • extra-curricular activities

  • decision making

  • coping skills

  • goal setting

  • and much more!

These lessons have never been needed more.


"I learned how to be a better person."


"Thank you for showing me to a better life."

"This is the class we'll still be talking about ten years from now."


What is the purchase price?


Price:  $497   $47.00 (through the end of 2020)


Note: Due to the stress and challenges involved for teens during the Corona Virus, we are dropping the price to make this teen favorite program affordable for schools/parents homeschooling or in pods.  Now receive the full program for only $47 as a digital download by email.

Click here to order download.  This will take you to a Paypal page where you can use your PayPal account or your favorite credit card. 

How can I purchase this program for a school?

There are two ways to purchase this program:

   1.  Send a Purchase Order to Horizon Enterprises to:

        Horizon Enterprises, Inc.
        200 Middle Highway #356
        Barrington, Rhode Island 02806 or


   2.  Send the purchase order by email to

Notify me please...

Thanks for submitting!

We are in the process of creating a text/video version of this multiple award-winning program that any teen with a phone/tablet or computer can access.


 We expect the initial lessons to be up and running by late August with the rest of the lessons to follow over the fall.


Want to be notified when this version goes live? 

Let us know your email and phone number (first part is text based)

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