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Top 10 Tips for Life After (or during) High School​ 

  1. Decide what you really want your life to be. 

    If you don't, someone else will - a parent, a significant other, a boss.

    Once you decide, write it down and take a few minutes each day to picture what your life will be like once you get to what you imagine.   Sure beats imagining all the things that could go wrong like most people do!

  2. Treat everyone like they're the parents of your significant other, boss of your best job or favorite celebrity.

    If you treat everyone like you wish people treated you, you will do better in most areas of your life.  Leaders know this instinctively.

  3. Learn about money and start saving now.  Really - NOW!

    In a survey of recent high school grads, Facebook former students and a national news questionnaire - almost every single one said they wished they had learned about money in their teens.  It's not that hard but it's one of the most important things you can do.  Money differences and lack of money is a major cause of stress in relationships.  Learn early and start saving immediately for your own use and your soon to arrive future.

  4. You decide what thoughts to keep. Choose ones that make you strong and happy.

    Thoughts pop into our heads all the time.   But they don't have to take up residence.  We get to choose what thoughts to keep and which ones to send packing.  Why think negative thoughts if you don't have to?  They don't make you feel good in the moment and they're not good for your health long term.  Plus if you're negative all the time, no one wants to spend much time with you!

  5. Swap complaining for gratitude

    We are a nation of complainers.  No wonder we're miserable.  We're focusing on everything that's wrong  rather than what's right.  Here's a question:  Are you complaining because your life is bad or is your life bad because you're always complaining?  Something to think about, huh?  Try to go a day without complaining. Every time you're about to complain, think of something you're grateful for instead.

  6. Make yourself valuable by learning to do as many things as you can.

    Everyone knows times are challenging.  Businesses will hire and keep the people who can do the most for their business.  Even significant others can be pretty impressed by all the things you know how to do..  And one great thing about learning how to do something.  No one... absolutely no one...can take what you know away from you.  It's your greatest strength.

  7. Start taking care of your body and mind now.  They're your transportation for life.

    Since society pays so much attention to looks, it can't hurt to eat well and move to maintain your body at its best.  As much as it seems like you'll be young forever, you won't and those who take care of their bodies and minds look and feel the best the longest.  Believe it or not, you'll pretty much always want to look and feel good...right up to the very end (my mother's in her 90's and she and her friends are still trying to look as good as possible)

  8. Only let the truly big things stress you.  And maybe not even those!

    So many people get upset by the little things in life - didn't get the ketchup in the drive though, someone's wearing the same outfit, you can't get car you wanted.  These aren't life crises...but people get all bent out of shape when things don't go their way. 

    The sooner we realize that the world couldn't possibly go the way each of us wants (How could it?  There's over 7 BILLION of us!!), the sooner we start to be grateful when it does and save the stress for those few and far between true crises.

  9. Enjoy all the minutes of your life.. safely.

    So many people miss the good things that are happening around them because they're focused on the past or worried about the future - two things they have no control over.  Like people who go on vacation and seem to like anticipating the trip and remembering the trip more than the trip itself.  Pay attention... not every second...but focus on what's good about the moment you're in.

  10. You can reinvent your life any time you want....but especially after high school.

    You get to decide who you want to be at any given moment.  Leaders are people who decide to change - for themselves, for others.  If you don't like where your life is now, picture what you want it to be and begin to make the positive changes to get there.

    Find someone who already has the qualities you want and learn from them so that you can get there quicker.  Sure, lots of people want to make their own mistakes but successful people always find mentors... so they can leapfrog to being who they want to be sooner.  If you admire a public figure - actor, singer, sports star, political leader - remember they had to work hard to get to where they are, one step at a time.

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