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The Program

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What if there was a class that helped students

  • Handle the stresses of high school and life as a teen

  • Deal with bullying more effectively

  • Improve their class grades and test scores

  • Develop a more positive attitude

  • Become more resilient

  • Improve their attendance rate

  • Stay out of trouble more often

  • Improve their self-esteem


There is.  The multiple award-winning Strategies for Success program has been doing just that with teens who feel it is the missing piece in their educational life.  Filled with concepts from the leaders in self-help, inspiration and motivation, this program empowers teens to become their best selves both in and out of school.

“Seriously best class I ever had in high school  or college!!” Former student

The positive team-building environment this course creates allows teens to thrive as they learn and embrace the tools that empower and support them at this transitional time in their lives.

Created and originally taught by twenty-eight year education veteran and former Teacher of the Year Marianne Douglas after Columbine and the tragic suicide of one of her students, this program is the perfect accompaniment to help balance the stresses of testing, Common Core, bullying and  the other issues that teens in school face today.

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Strategies for Success provides students with multi-intelligence, whole brain based, and team building sets of lessons that allow students to gain tools for coping with issues both in and out of school.  The energizing classroom environment created in this course allows students to actively participate in building strategies that will last a lifetime.

Students who have taken this course have shown marked improvement in the following areas: 

  • Leadership qualities

  • Empathy

  • Grades both in class and on state assessment tests

  • Relationships with peers, school staff, family members, employers and friends

  • Ability to handle the stress of life both in and out of school

  • Financial literacy

What's included when I purchase the program?

The curriculum packet contains:

  • The Teacher Edition

  • The Student Journal Book online so students can access their homework from any device – computer, tablet, smart phone.

  • A downloadable file with all Student Journal pages should a teacher want to print out and/or personalize the work. Also includes all supplemental materials

  • A copy of the teen book written by students titled, “How To Deal When Your Middle Name is Stress – Real Teens, Real Advice” in PDF form

  • A copy of the book “When Am I Ever Going to Use This?  75 Teaching Tips to Survive and Thrive in the High School Classroom” which describes the teaching philosophy of the multiple award-winning creator of the Strategies for Success program

  • A set of 3 posters for the classroom

  • One year email support from the creator and original teacher of the program


Click here to purchase

Can I look at the program prior to purchasing it?


Click the link below  for a copy of our perusal packet where you’ll be able to see 4 different lessons from the program.

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