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Stoneman Douglas High School

I created this program originally in response to two events: the school shooting at Columbine High School and the tragic suicide of one of my own students who took his life after being bullied. My plan was to help students build a sense of self-esteem, to teach them how to embrace the diversity of students and people they encountered on a daily basis, to provide them with cutting edge brain-based strategies that would allow them to create great lives both while in high school and after.

Now here we are again. More of our precious children taken. I just listened to a group of them being interview on Meet the Press from Stoneman Douglas High School and I was blown away by their intelligence, heart and their passion to get the adults of this country to facilitate change. I hope they can. I saw this meme on that same show. Notice the date. It's not February 14, 2018. It's November 6, 2017. That was the Baptist church killing spree in Texas. We've made our way around the circle again.

We all have to do our part to find a way to protect our kids. I know what I did after Columbine and what I'm ready to do again - write the online version so this program it is more accessible and let the schools in our country know why I created this program, how well it worked and how it might help their students. What will you do?

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